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Do you have a plan for increasing website conversion? iCall AutoLeads is a first party lead generation tool that bridges the gap between email, phone calls and chat generating more leads from your website.


True SMS technology means real text messages instead of that unreliable email to text garbage that runs through multiple servers.

Mobile Leads

Instead of chasing email leads that end up trapped in Spam filters you can count on valid mobile numbers with every new and used car lead.


This isn’t opt-in text and it isn’t outbound text marketing. iCall AutoLeads adheres to all TCPA rules keeping your Dealership protected.

First Party Dealership Leads

The best Dealers do business with us

More leads from your Dealership Website

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More Leads Everywhere

iCall AutoLeads works online, offline, all the time. Our easy calls to action can be used to generate leads from vehicle photos, sellers notes, newspaper ads, print magazines, radio ads, TV Spots, Web Videos and anywhere else that you want to generate new car leads or used car leads. It is the most versatile first party lead generation tool for Car Dealers today.

Got 10 seconds?

Watch this video to learn more about iCal AutoLeads in 10 seconds!

Try it Yourself

Just text the code iCall to the phone number 76626 from your mobile phone anywhere in the United States* and you’ll see how iCall AutoLeads works just like your customers would.

*Standard messaging and data rates apply. You’ll receive two (2) text messages within 60 seconds.

Call or text us at 269-459-2272 or Email us at

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