New iCar Video Post – Sales Tip – Don’t be a manager

Quite a few sales people in the automotive industry set the goal of becoming a sales manager, general manager, or general sales manager. And is QuickTip I share exactly why you don’t want to be a manager!

New iCar Video Post – #IDS15 Innovative Dealer Summit in Denver, CO

#IDS15 The Innovative dealer summit in Denver Colorado April 7 & 8, 2015 Will be a powerful automotive industry event. Mat Koenig, CEO of KonigCo and Buscador de Auto will be sharing some of the best mobile marketing strategies in…

“If you’re not willing to lose EVERYTHING; you don’t deserve to win ANYTHING.” Mat Koenig on being an entrepreneur in 2015 #sharable

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“Powerful Mobile marketing means being the answer to a buyer’s search, without being an interruption to their progress.” – Mat Koenig #share

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“Marketing should answer questions. If your marketing isn’t working, nobody is asking those questions.” Mat Koenig #sharable

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“Most people fear public speaking. I fear not having an audience that cares enough to listen.” Mat Koenig #sharable

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New iCar Video Post – Video Sales Tip on Meerkat from Mat Koenig

While driving in my car I had a quick desire to share a few quick sales tips on Meerkat! Check out these quick tips! KonigCo is located at 2920 Business One Dr. Suite 113, Kalamazoo, MI 49048 Here is a…

“Interruption advertising wasn’t cool to the customer before the internet and it’s not cool now.” Mat Koenig #sharable

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We don’t have to agree…

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New iCar Video Post – Start your day with motivation – Mat’s Mobile Motivation Quick Tip

This morning I had a message on Facebook from Benjamin Freedman telling me he enjoys my videos from the car to start his day. I appreciated that comment and it made my day start off brighter which made me think…